The most underprivileged schools in New York will be visited by one of the top dogs of the Art World as part of the Visual Arts Appreciation Week. Starting Monday, Jeff Koons is going to be someone’s teacher. Lesson One: Balloonery. Just kidding.

All our habitual jabbing about Jeff Koons suing that one time he thought he invented the balloon dog aside, it’s actually a fair fit. Teach the kids about how objects of pure banality can become delightful works of art when blown up all gigantic and shiny by factory workers and art elves. Just kidding.

That’s actually not a bad idea.

New York City Title I public schools–P.S 112 and P.S. 46 in Harlem, P.S. 75 on the Upper West Side and P.S. 139 in Flatbush, Brooklyn–have the highest percentage of children from low-income families, with hideously underfunded art programs. When Jeff Koons comes to visit, they will not be teaching out of a broom closet that day.

Other artists will include Fred Wilson, Ursula von Rydingsvard and Claudia Demonte.

(Photo: Ralph Hockers/Flickr)