Here’s one of the gems you missed at Bushwick Open Studios last weekend. Ryan Uzilevsky and Light Harvest Studio’s giant 3D projection mapped to the ceiling of the church on Bushwick Ave: Armies of nude, scampering clones ascending upwards toward a levitating Goddess, colossal kissing heads and rippling waves of digital bits.

The projection towered above a sculpture exhibit inside the church-turned-Bobby Redd’s Project Space. For the lucky ones, the experience started out off as “an acid trip at a Criss Angel performance,” then “all jaws dropped” according to Art Fag City’s Whitney Kimball.

“This large scale video mapping installation taking place in an abandoned neo-gothic church questions the procession of symbols and simulations making up our post-modern human experience. Like a map with no territory, these symbols hint at the existence of a hyper-reality, while quite possibly the true essence of reality becomes increasingly hermetic, crumbling and decaying from disuse. Now that the simulation proceeds the original, is the modern experience of beauty, divinity and love merely alienating us from the true essence of these qualities?”

Simulacra itself reminds a bit of Marco Brambilla’s religious epics, but this is local.

I mean, it was. Damn it.