When School Ends, NYPD’s “Hunting Season” Begins – Video from NYCResistance

With stop-and-frisks by the NYPD at record levels, one man in the Bronx has taken it upon himself to film the injustice perpetrated by the police. In this YouTube video entitled “Beware: It’s NYPD Hunting Season!” we see two black men getting questioned by multiple NYPD officers.

NYCResistance narrates the entire spectacle, advising viewers to never speak to cops. “One man is singing like a canary and the other man is silent like a mime. When it comes to the NYPD don’t talk to them. Invoke your 5th Amendment Right and be silent.”

As we all know, the NYPD is on its way to stop and frisk an unprecedented number of people, with the vast majority (87 percent!) black or Latino and 9 out of 10 completely innocent. In 2011, NYPD conducted a jaw-dropping 684,330 controversial street searches, obliterating their 2010 record.

“In this country, which they say is the freest country in the world, we have to always prove our innocence,” says NYCResistance in the video. “Now that it’s summertime, it’s pretty much hunting season. This is blocks away from where Ramarley Graham got shot on 228th and White Plains Rd.”

According to one of the men, the reason for the initial stop was that the driver was missing a front Florida plate, which is legal in some states. In New York, tickets generally run between $65-$130. Though he had a driver’s license, the police said his name didn’t show up in the computer. The car wasn’t stolen but they still handcuffed him and took him to jail. As a white woman, I have a hard time believing this would ever happen to me but such egregious rights violations happen to over a half million people per year in New York City.

“The police are coming from Long Island to hunt us. They don’t care about you. They got these new shows showing the rookie cops helping little kids. That’s all propaganda. When they see a young black man they don’t see a human being. They see an animal. They see you as someone who belongs in a cage.”

He continues: “Do not talk to these cops. They’re not here to help you. They’re here to ease you into jail. We cannot escape the grip of the NYPD. Once they put their hands on you it’s hard to get it off.”

Check out NYCResistance’s YouTube page, which includes video of times he’s been stopped, frisked and almost beat up by police.