No, wait, that’s it. They — the visitors, the press, Martha Stewart (true story) — always ask the same thing, every time a performance artist “occupies” a gallery space. The New York Time’s profile on Dawn Kasper who’s been living and making art things in the Whitney Museum since the biennial mentions many things about Kasper’s performative practice and clutter, and yet, the conversation always circles back to “Where do you pee?” 

Remember when Marina Abramović was sitting in a chair for days on end in the MoMA — oh the obsessive pee theories that were? Aright then. Kasper pees in the basement bathroom and sleeps in a room in Greenpoint. Mystery solved. Ok, I was sort of curious too. Damn it.

Perhaps the only way to avoid these same old bodily function questions is stop living in galleries and museums. Wasn’t there three or four artists bunking in the Armory booths this year at some point? Let’s move on. Or I’m moving in too. (Photo: ANIMALNewYork)