Never Mind the Drones, Here Are the Bumble Bees

11.02.12 Irina Dvalidze

Job Van Der Molen is a Dutch artists with an insect fascination who has decided to express that fascination in the most logical way possible — creating an entire infantry of armed bugs.

Molen’s series titled Insect Army features prime “taxidermied” bugs equipped with miniature weaponry. Beetles with launch rockets, bumble bees with tanker heads, dragonflies with copter gear… You name it, the Inset Army has it.

Where does Molen gets his supply of creepy crawler recruits? We are not sure whether he hunts them for art or not.  We do appreciate the steampunk aesthetic of the project. If these critters are ever to evolve into functional beings, we better make sure we’re not on the wrong end of an unforeseen hostile attack from Netherlands.

(Image: Designboom)