We’ve watched in horror as the new management of the Chelsea Hotel began to renovate it demolish its very “uniqueness”gutting historical rooms, “losing” art and, worse yet, evicting its long-time tenants.  Now, Patti Smith is going to give a private concert to its tenants, sponsored by the developer Joseph Chetrit, responsible for said guttings and evictions…. Wait, what?

The Chelsea Hotel Blog thinks that maybe Patti’s not aware that by fronting this little shin-ding, she’s endorsing its sponsor, who “took Stabley Bard’s beloved Chelsea Hotel away from him and his family,” after the Bards have been so good to Patti and Robert Mappelthorpe back in the day.

Patti Smith is currently prepping for her summer photography exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts. Joseph Chetrit is currently working to evict thirty tenants from the building.