Do you remember watching the ridicilous Jack Reacher trailer a little while ago and then auteur filmmaker genius Werner Herzog pops up as a villain of some sort, like whaaat? Who saw that? Apparently, Herzog was “very scary” as a Russian capo. There’s an interview with him in Dazed, inquiring as to his acting inspirations.

No, it’s all standardisations of course. Russians are very sweet people, very deep, very different than you would imagine. I know what I’m talking about because I’m married to a Russian woman from Siberia.

Aw, that’s sweet. I’m glad that Herzog thinks we’re deep and sweet contrary to the popular belief. Presenting, Herzog’s cultural context… the wife:


Dazed — for some reason! — also asks if there was any similarity between working with Klaus Kinski and Tom Cruise. This is Werner Herzog working with Klaus Kinksi.

These are some things that happened when Werner Herzog was working with Klaus Kinski: When they were living together, Kinksi locked himself in his room and smashed all the furniture into tiny bits for 48 hours. On a shoot, Kinski fired a riffle at a barrack of extras and beat them with a metal saber. Then, Kinski made someone take 50 pictures of him fucking a tree to show that Kinski loves nature. True story. Also he was Jesus.

Kinski was an extraordinary professional and so is Tom Cruise. Of course there was some other problems with Kinski but bottom-line, he was a phenomenal professional, and it’s always very easy to work with great professionals. Tom Cruise has an enormous intensity.