Some residents and relief organizations are worried that it might. Two bridges to the peninsula,the Cross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge and the Marine Parkway-Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge, had been toll-free after the storm and until December 1st, easing the burden of transit to and from the area. Now, there’s a $3.25 cash and $1.80 EZ Pass fee to cross. “I hope it doesn’t slow our flow of amazing and desperately needed volunteers,” said Jamie Jordan, co-founder of “The City and State of New York could show solidarity with these devastated communities and do that through actions, like suspending tolls.”

While it’d be nice to allow free passage for volunteers forever, the MTA has to keep revenue flowing in somehow. And I’d like to think a couple dollars wouldn’t be enough to dissuade someone who wanted to help from heading out to the peninsula. “For volunteers, whose efforts we are all grateful for, the MTA does not have it in its power to suspend the tolls,” said an MTA spokesman. “We don’t have the luxury.”