Will Paint for Health Care

Hey, artists. High health costs getting you down? Oh what, do you not have health insurance? Of course you don’t. You’re in luck! Thanks to the “Lincoln Art Exchange,” you can now trade your “creative services” for health care credits and apply them towards doctor’s visits, hospitalization, emergency care, lab tests, prescriptions, dental and prescriptions at the at the Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx.

Actors, artists, entertainers and other low-to-middle-income folk excluded from public programs will receive $40 worth of health care for each hour of the aforementioned “creative services.”

So, if you’re planning on getting run over by a BMW and riding unconscious for half-a-block on its hood, for example, or, and especially if, it’s not something covered by someone’s or your imaginary insurance policy, be sure to sign up. In just about 14 hours of service, you’ll earn yourself a seven-mile ambulance ride. For emergency room admission and two days of hospital care, let’s see here… 275 hours should suffice.

All cynicism aside, sounds like a well-meaning plan. (Image: a topical Frida via Art History Archive)