Far less tragic than Ghost Bikes, the city’s rusted legion of abandoned bikes clutter up sidewalks and the public fixtures their oft-scavenged frames are bolted to. So WNYC took it upon itself to wrangle the cycling detritus in the city and put them on display in the company’s Greene Space.

WNYC’s Transportation Nation asked its readers to send in photos of the derelict bikes and ended up getting over 500 submissions from across the city, which they mapped using SeeClickFix’s widget generator (below). Over the course of the project, Transportation Nation learned that fewer than 20% of the abandoned bikes reported to 311 are removed, because “The criteria for removal are so strict, the process so clunky, it rarely happens. We found out the city could not accept submissions more efficiently, like in a spreadsheet or map.” So Transportation Nation took matters into its own hands and collected the bikes for an exhibition, which opened last Wednesday and will run through September 4.

(Photo: sabertasche2/Flickr)