Be Careful Cheating On Your Wife. She May Just Give Your House To a Bunch of Art Students

A few weeks back, ANIMAL’s Jane Clare-Quigley covered What’s Your Story, a Pratt student pop-up project at Dekalb Market that allows you to trade a sentimental object for someone else’s in lieu of selling, trashing or hoarding it.

I recently visited Hannah Shaffer, who manned the container at Dekalb and had initially briefed me on the project. When asked about the latest acquired trade, she casually directed me to an ordinary looking set of keys set atop a weathered brown wallet. Instinctively grasping the scale of this, I was eager to learn the details.

One of the keys belongs to a ’94 Saturn Ion. The other two keys belong to a house and mailbox in Guam located on a military base. The address is 25 Inlet Court, Santa Rita. And both (the car and house) are currently unoccupied. They belong to her ex-husband who cheated and bailed on her with no contact for over 6 months.

It’s slightly reminiscent of the viral One Red Paperclip project. I was able to get my hands on the donation video (a requirement for all participants of What’s Your Story).

(Photos: Justin Durazzo/ANIMALNewYork)