Though it’s safe to assume that many people are angry about the looming fare hike that’s coming to our city’s subway system, perhaps none is more angry than Stefanie Gray. Tomorrow, Gray is attempting to log the fastest time around the entire system, to protest the hike–that’s 468 stations in less than 22 hours, 5 minutes. “It’s like preparing for the Olympics,” she said.

In order to break the previous record, Gray, a campaign coordinator at Transportation Alternatives, has written a computer algorithm to map her route, leaving room to work around service stoppages. Gray’s route will begin at Penn Station on the 2 or 3 train, though it’s still unclear whether she’ll begin by going uptown or down. And to be considered by Guinness, she has to stop at every single station, so express train’s don’t count.

Obviously, Gray hopes for success, but she thinks a failure will send a message of its own. “If I don’t win, it’s going to be disappointing,” she said, “but it backs up our message that we’re paying more for less.”

(Photo: Bruno Belcastro/Flickr)