Anytime something happens in Christendom that doesn’t involve molesting little boys Catholics beg the Empire State Building to acknowledge it. However, as the management for the iconic landmark has said, repeatedly, they don’t honor “religious figures or requests by religions and religious organizations.”

That’s what they told the Catholic League in 2010 when asked to light the facade for Mother Teresa’s 100th birthday and the same position they gave more recently for denying a Republican congressman’s request to light the building red in honor of Timothy Dolan’s ascension to cardinal.

However, this time around, another notable structure decided that it would take up the religious mantle and for a week, 1 World Trade Center will glow crimson, which was by no means an easy fete and required lots of manual, light bulb changing labor. But why stop there? Forget the spire and just install a giant crown of thorns! (Photo: Rob Flynn/flickr)