According to Brooklyn psych-electro weirdbros Yeasayer, they’ve recently “received a message that [they] are on the verge of embargoed information being leaked through the cracks of the digital universe.” I’m taking that to mean they found out their new album, Fragrant World was going to leak before its late August release date. Rather than accepting the unfortunate reality that their music was going to be heard before they intended it to be, they took the situation into their own hands via an online scavenger hunt.

They’ve enlisted the help of video artist Yoshi Sodeoka to create a clip for each song on the album, and hidden them at various locations around the web. The first, “Blue Paper,” debuted on Wired’s Underwire blog this morning, and ravenous Yeasayer fans have already uncovered a few more. Here’s a playlist of the tracks that have been uncovered so far, if you’re too lazy to do the hunting yourself.

From the cuts I’ve heard so far, the album plays like a silkier, more limber version of 2010’s Odd Blood. It grooves a little, to be sure, but it’s not exactly the Weeknd-tinged dark R&B-fest they’ve been making it out to be in recent interviews. Check out the clip for first single “Henrietta” below.