The Brooklyn Battery Tunnel was officially rechristened the Hugh L. Carey Tunnel today, in honor of New York’s 51st governor, two years after lawmakers gave their approval¬†for the change. Carey seems like as worthy a candidate as anyone–he ‘s widely remembered for his successful handling of New York City’s financial crisis in the ’70s, and is responsible for the creation of the Javits Center, Battery Park City, and the South Street Seaport–but when will city and state politicians realize their efforts to get New Yorkers to call landmarks by new names are futile? Who do you know that calls the 59th Street Bridge the Ed Koch Bridge, 6th Avenue the Avenue of the Americas, or the Triborough Bridge the RFK?

These renamings are often expensive as well as unnecessary. The bill for new signage in the Queensboro/Ed Koch transformation was $255,000–how much do you think this one will cost?

(Photo: Haruko16/Flickr)