In the ’60s, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin’s hit Je t’aime… moi non plus” (“I love you… me neither”) was a bit too hot for the airwaves and banned in a number of countries. Before finally rising to popularity and acceptance in the ’80s, it caused quite the stir indeed. What’s in the song? Oh, nothing, just Jane Birkin moaning herself into an orgasm. Allegedly.

Now, the redux. Finländare artist Martin Bircher explores Gainsbourg’s now iconic track in his latest interactive installation appropriately titled …moi non plus. The installation looks like an old school arcade game draped in oddly shag-tastic ’60s fur. And it’s all a game.

The “player” can interact with the digitized recording by controlling the joystick which alters the original vocals of song, specifically the vocals of Birkin’s moaning and melodic panting. The players can select the gender they wish to interact with and control the speed and tempo of the moans as the game progresses, while a chip-tunesy arrangement of the track plays in the background.

The piece is very much inline with Gainsbourg’s original vision of the song as both focus on limits of physical love — the metaphorical and digital. Here’s the original track to get you in the mood.