See Water, Feel Water and Don’t Get Wet

12.10.12 Irina Dvalidze

Oh, good. Pretty soon, shall you encounter special effects water in 4D rides/experiences, no longer will you get wet. No more soaked t-shirts. No more odd smells. No more real water. Welcome to the future.

Japanese virtual reality production company Solidray has created a “crossmodal” experience  — for sight and touch –which allows people engaged in the simulation to experience the sensation of poured water without actual water being… um… poured. By combining a TECHTILE toolkit — “a haptic recording and playback tool” — with 3D glasses and creating a 3D image regardless of user’s relation to the screen, the project manifests a virtual world that tricks the keenest of senses, becoming “virtually real.”

The users can hold up a cup against the screen. When it lines up with the stream projected on the screen, the cup vibrates in unison with a sound of pouring water, while the 3D glasses make the water appear to be streaming towards you. You know, if things are getting a little too real for you.