The Pistol for Pixels program comes to Winnepeg this year. In a collaboration between the local police, Henry’s Photos and Panasonic, Canadians wanting to get rid of that illegal firearm they’ve been toting about can make an appointment with the cops for a pick-up and receive an exciting $240 gift package. Don’t shoot people! Shoot pictures.

You won’t even get charged for possession! There’s a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH8 point-and-shoot camera and a gift card photography lessons in it for you. Swell. Definitely beats going to jail. Although, if your pistol is found to be linked to any crime, you will still go to jail.

Apparently, there’s a hefty crime rate in Winnepeg. Might be a bit scary. Guy Maddin, you lied to me.

(Image: Wild Smith/Flickr)