It’s looking like halfway through July, taxi rides are likely to be up to 20% more expensive than they are today. Earlier this afternoon, the Taxi and Limousine Commission announced they intend to consider a hike in the fares of yellow taxi rides, according to reports. And they’re serious: there’s a public hearing set for May 31st. The taxi and limousine commissioner, David S. Yassky, argued that “The fare hasn’t changed since 2006, so it’s reasonable for taxi drivers and fleet owners to put this on the table,” and it’s true that gas prices are making a quick trip across town a pricey trip for cab drivers. But if the price is raised by 20%, a trip to JFK will be $54.00 before tolls and tip, and your average three-mile ride will be more than $14.00. Looks like we all need to learn to ride a bike. (Photo: Ilhan Gendron/Flickr)