Fifty-year-old Irving Scheib of Bonsall, California is facing up to 20 years in prison for wire fraud after he repeatedly attempted to sell a baseball glove he claimed had at one point belonged to Babe Ruth. “I feel horrible about it, but those are the facts,” he told Judge Robert P. Patterson, Jr. at a Federal District Court in Manhattan yesterday. Scheib had claimed Babe Ruth had “slept with [the glove] under his pillow at the orphanage,” before giving the prized mitt to his friend, “Father Knows Best” actor Robert Young in 1944. In fact, Scheib had purchased the 19th-century glove on eBay for $750.00 in January.

Through a Nevada-based broker, he sold the glove to a sucker in Long Island for $200,000.00 as “the Earliest Known Worn Babe Ruth Glove from St. Mary’s Baseball Team, Autograph Tag and Provenance from Golden Era Movie Star Collection” along with an notarized letter describing the glove’s “history.” The FBI convinced the buyer from Long Island to return the glove and get his money back. The Bureau then posed as another innocent baseball fan on eBay, setting up a sting that just might score Scheib some time in a New York-based federal prison. (Photo: Sean Winters/Flickr)