Top 11 Hottest Corn Sites of 2013

12.23.13 Andy Cush

11. The Food Network’s Corn Recipes Section: For expanding your corn-cooking boundaries, look no further than the Food Network. Did you know that popcorn is made out of corn?

10. The Official Website of Iowa Corn: Iowa has the largest corn crop of any state in the country, producing over a billion bushels a year.

9. The Teucrium Corn Fund: Eating corn is great, but have you ever tried investing in it?

8. The Great Corn Adventure: This flash game is a neat way to learn about corn and have fun while doing it.

7. Corn and Soybean Digest’s Corn Section: A nice, legume-free way to enjoy Corn and Soybean Digest’s wonderful corn coverage.

6. The National Corn Grower’s Association: These guys grow it…

5. The Corn Refiners Association: …and these guys refine it. Nice.

4. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Corn Site: The federal government likes corn as much as we do, apparently.

3. The World’s Healthiest Foods: Corn: We’re not sure how this one ended up so high, either.

2. CME Group’s Corn Futures Trading: Truthfully, The Teucrium Corn Fund is for chumps. Real corn guys invest in futures.

1. Maize on Wikipedia: Pretty much everything you need to know about corn, collected in one spot. For instance: it’s also called Maize.

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