5 Pointz Will Likely Be Demolished Despite Restraining Order

11.08.13 Andy Cush

Late October saw a sparkle of hope for 5 Pointz, the doomed graffiti mecca in Long Island City. Though the Wolkoff family, which owns the buildings, plans to demolish them to make way for luxury condos, the 5 Pointz organization argued in court that the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990, a law intended to prevent the destruction of works of art, should save them from coming down. Federal Judge Frederic Block even granted a restraining order so that the Wolkoff’s couldn’t demolish or repaint 5 Pointz before the arguments were heard.

Unfortunately but predictably, Block decided not to grant an injunction, ruling in favor of the Wolkoffs’ ability to develop the property. Demolition will likely begin soon. “I love the work and it’s going to tear my heart out to see it torn down, but as a judge I have to apply the law,” Block said.

The Post, of course, somehow found a way to make the story about Banksy.

(Photo: Dan Nguyen/Flickr)