A and R Train Riders Get a Free Ride Tomorrow

Good news for certain straphangers whose commutes were (or still are) disrupted by Hurricane Sandy: Governor Cuomo’s office has announced free rides for Brooklyn R Train and Rockaways/Howard Beach A Train riders for tomorrow, the one-year anniversary of the storm.

A Train service on the Rockaway Penninsula was out for seven months after the storm destroyed about 1,500 feet of tracks, and R Train riders will be coping with limited service outages between Brooklyn and Manhattan until well into next year.

Of course, it will be difficult to ensure the free rides are only extended to their intended riders, especially at a station like Atlantic-Pacific, where the R intersects with eight other lines. From the New York Times:

The solution, officials said, will be to open the gates at entrances for the R train shortly after midnight on Monday and hope that only R train riders find their way through. There will be no other measure taken to prevent riders on other lines from taking advantage.

Free rides for everyone!

(Photo: Buddahbless/Flickr)