All Zuckerberg Everything

Recently launched, the Zuckerberg Files is a complete digital archive of all public mentions of Mark Zuckerberg. That includes “transcripts” and “videos” of numerous blog posts, letters to shareholders, media interviews, public appearances and product presentations by and about Facebook’s founder and CEO. Collectively, they detail the evolution of the social media behemoth’s public efforts and Zuckerburg as seen from the eyes of the media.

The files are being hosted by the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s Digital Commons.

Individuals wishing to gain full access to these archived files are instructed to email access@zuckerbergfiles.org with their name, affiliation, as well as a brief description of their research project, in adherence with the “Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Scholarly Research in Communication.” The full-text transcripts and archived video files are being “limited to scholars doing research in a relevant area.”

In a pinch you could always just say you are interested in their “privacy policy,” that should do the trick if you just can’t get enough of Mark.