After American Atheists posted a billboard in Times Square arguing that “Nobody needs the Christ in Christmas,” Senator Andrew Lanza of Staten Island threw a fit, urging a boycott of the tourist mecca.

“While it is not surprising to me that people who do not believe in God are hateful and malicious,” he said in a statement, “I would have hoped that the people who own this billboard, those who live in Manhattan and around Times Square and the community’s political leaders, would have decried this hate speech as something not to be tolerated or allowed.”

Now, the American Atheists have hit back with a digital billboard on Lanza’s home turf: the Goethals bridge.

The group is challenging Lanza to make good on his boycotting stance. “Lanza had no problem calling for a boycott of Times Square because of our message,” American Atheists president David Silverman said in a statement.

“We stand behind our billboard and we want the people of Staten Island to know that they don’t need religion to have a great Christmas, either. We are putting up this billboard as a challenge to Senator Lanza. Now the question is, was the senator posturing, or does he have the guts to call for a boycott in his own district?”

(Top photo: 3.26/Flickr, billboard photo: American Atheists)