And Now, a Pornographic Alphabet Book From Stalin’s Favorite Sculptor

07.15.13 Marina Galperina

Glory to Sergey Merkurov! People’s Artist of the USSR, Soviet Academy of Arts alum, director of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts and all the rage of pre-1950s Soviet Union! One of the leading figures of the Giant Ass Statues of Soviet Leaders Art Movement! He sculpted and erected a huge number of these monumental statues, including a 160-foot-tall Stalin in Erevan.

And also he made some dirty pictures they had stashed away at an archive. A-Zs of girl on boy and/or on girl and/or on girl on boy and/or boy and/or girl comrades fucking. In watercolor. With some French and South German school of painting influence perhaps. Creative stuff. Many varieties. Physically impressive maneuvering. There’s a great one of a woman holding severed dicks while receiving oral sex from another woman. Not going to read into that one.

See the whole book at this Russian website.