Applying to Art Academies With a Famous Artist’s Portfolio

11.26.13 Kyle Petreycik

A couple of curious individuals were unsure of just how important an artist’s name was in attributing quality to an artwork. This question prompted anonymous filmmakers to painstakingly replicate the works of Kazimir Malevich, a well-known Russian painter and art theoretician who’s often credited as being a pioneer of geometric abstract art as well as an originator of the avant-garde and Suprematist movements. His works, which now sell for millions of dollars were initially rejected from art academies of the time.

The filmmakers set up a series of portfolio reviews using their replications of the artist’s work, attributing them under the name of Michael Mikrivaz a playful anagram on Kazimir Malevich. While it’s surprising that none of the professors that reviewed the work recognized it as the work of Malevich, they were able to note it’s obvious ties to the Suprematism movement. Take a look at the video above and watch as these works are described by professionals as being “good” but still very much “in their early stages.” (Image: Michael Mikrivaz)