Artist’s Notebook:
Georges Jacotey

10.28.13 Marina Galperina

ANIMAL’s feature Artist’s Notebook asks artists to show us their original “idea sketch” next to a finished piece. This week, new media and performance artist Georges Jacotey from Athens, Greece about his piece Son of a Patriarch, inspired by “heteronormative gimmicks of Vladimir Putin” and gay porn.

Son of a Patriarch is a performance piece developed during my collaboration with ZINO, a Athens/London collaborative project by artist Eleni Bagaki and curator Zoe Charaktinou.

I quite laconically describe my process in a short video I made for netartnet.net.

I have been preoccupied for a while with the issue of hegemonic masculinities/western masculine representations, their connection to the neo-liberal mindset and the vital role they play in sustaining capitalist systems worldwide.

In my attempt to facilitate my research and share information with my collaborators I have created sonofapatriarch.tumblr.com which contains texts, images and videos.

For reasons I can’t explain though, two single pornographic narratives I have encountered online helped inspire and put flesh on the bones of SoaP the most:

a) the photo series of the heteronormative gimmicks of Vladimir Putin (the archetypal patriarchal figure) and their oxymoronic homosexual undertones

b) a scene from “My Brother’s Hot Friend” porn series in which Trevor Knight, acting a straight man forces Kurt Wild, a submissive gay boy to recite the alphabet with a mouth full of dick.

Two weeks prior to the live performance in Athens I’ve become a resident at Eleni’s studio and had the chance to practice and finalize my routine. I took lots of selfies, as I always do to document it.

Live performance in Athens:

Unfortunately, all this information remains scattered in several devices and online because I’m awful when it come to archiving my work.

Son of a Patriarch (2013)
Performance for camera

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