This is a new one: Banksy’s “Better Out Than In” website updated today not with an image but with a simple bit of text: “Today’s piece will be posted at 5pm.” So, now we wait. In other news: unsurprisingly, the Hustler Club removed their Banksy-adorned gate “for safekeeping” at around 6:30PM yesterday.

UPDATE (4pm): Banksy’s site now says that “the piece will be posted at 6pm.”

UPDATE (6:00-6:30PM): As we suspected, the latest Banksy piece is sandwiched between Swoon’s new mural going up on Houston near Bowery and Tom and Jerry’s on Elizabeth Street. A large object in an adjacent lot was covered up with tarp — as photographers climbed the fence for a peek at the piece of covered-up mystery objects, as well as speakers, floodlights, and possibly, electric disco balls — until crowds began to pack the sidewalk of Houston. Then, an accordion sound was heard. Elizabeth St impassable.

Until just a few moments ago when… What’s that, an accordion?

The accompanying audio prominently features an accordion. Hmm.

It is often said that the role of art is to remind us of our mortality. Branksky’s [sic] take on that seems to be mounting an art show that goes on for so long we all wish we were dead already.

And sparks? And this. Good thing that ANIMAL was already at the scene. We shot this video:

Banksy uploaded a video clip as well, writing “Tonight through Sunday, dusk until midnight.” Thanks, Banksy?

UPDATE (7:00PM):The police have arrived. They’re cool with whatever’s happening, but the crowd dented a car, so…

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