Today, Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio made official what many predicted and appointed Bill Bratton as NYPD commissioner. New Yorkers may remember Bratton as the guy who, under Mayor Rudolph Giuliani from 1994-1996, presided over a police department that drastically increased small-time drug arrests and use of stop-and-frisk, especially in black and latino neighborhoods.

During one meeting with community members in the Bronx, Bratton told people who were upset about police misconduct that they were “making fools of [themselves].” Even Giuliani “appeared stunned by Bratton’s outburst,” according to a Daily News report at the time. We made a Vine of that incident because we couldn’t find it online except behind a paywall on NY1.

This is a problem, of course, because Bill de Blasio ran on a platform of police reform and reigning in stop-and-frisk. According to the incoming mayor, Bratton is a “progressive visionary” who has “has gotten better every year.”

Councilman Charles Barron said hiring Bratton to help reign in stop-and-frisk is “like asking an arsonist to help you put out fires.”

Sounds about right.