Just over two weeks out from his last day in office and the ascendancy of a mayor-elect who has largely defined himself as the anti-Bloomberg, our mayor would like you to remember all of his accomplishments. Today, Michael Bloomberg launched progress.mikebloomberg.com, a new website devoted to promoting to touting all of the wonderful things he’s done, and announced a five-borough tour that will “highlight key Administration initiatives and success from throughout the last 12 years,” according to a City Hall memo sent today.

Of course, Bloomberg isn’t devoting all of his time to laurel-resting and horn-tooting: the New York Times reports today that he’s pushed $12 billion in development projects recently. Get ready for a giant ferris wheel on Staten Island, and a $350 million soccer stadium, complete with tax exemptions for the owners in the Bronx (because everyone knows what a good economic prospect soccer is in the U.S.).

If you’re not quite enamored with the mayor and his myriad accomplishments, don’t forget ANIMAL is literally counting down the seconds until he leaves.

(Photo: nycmayorsoffice/Flickr)