Clippers by Banksy, Nets by DONDA, and Other Rebranded NBA Teams

12.03.13 Andy Cush

One of the best executed examples in recent memory of the this-thing-reimagined-as-this-other-thing school of virality are these rebranded NBA jerseys from designer Dead Dilly.

The concept is simple: what if famous brands and/or artists were tasked with making over every professional basketball team? My favorite example is Banksy’s imaginary take on the L.A. Clippers, which pastes that team’s logo over that of their much more successful crosstown counterparts, the Lakers. There’s also a Camo’d-out BAPE Celtics jersey, a furry Jeremy Scott take on the Grizzlies, an all-black-everything Nets look inspired by Kanye West’s DONDA.

See some highlights in the gallery and the rest on Dilly’s Behance profile.

Check out that Golden State Warrirors-Warriors mashup, too. Golden Staaaaaate, come out to plaaaaay…