Clocktower Gallery Is Being Kicked out the Clocktower for Luxury Condos

10.18.13 Marina Galperina

Clocktower Gallery, one of the best art spaces in New York, is leaving its Leonard Street location. Founded in 1972, the gallery has been there for decades, but fuck that! Manhattan needs a new “a boutique hotel” and some more “luxury condominiums!”

“Last year we learned that Bloomberg wanted to shed a number of fiscally improbable buildings,” Alanna Heiss tells Gallerist NY. “He has sold it to a developer who simply didn’t choose us as the amenity that he wanted for that building.”

The space on the top floor of the building, which hosts artist in residency programs, the internet radio station ARTonAIR, and some of the most interesting art and music events in NY, is going to split up into several project spaces, scattered throughout the city. The 400,000-square-foot property was sold for $160,000,000.

(Photo: Studio Phoenix)