The desperation of Joseph J. Lhota is getting more obvious by the day. A week after the Republican mayoral candidate said he fears for his own personal safety if his Democratic rival is elected, Joe claimed Bill de Blasio shouldn’t be mayor because he sleeps too late.

The remarks came after de Blasio admitted he was late to an event because a 5AM phone call messed with his sleeping schedule.

“I’ve been saying over and over again that Bill de Blasio’s not prepared to be mayor,” Lhota said. “You can’t get up in the morning? Mayors get phone calls at 5 o’clock in the morning, mayors get phone calls at 3 o’clock.”

“God forbid a police officer was hurt or a firefighter was hurt,” he added.

You can’t blame Lhota for grasping at straws, though. De Blasio’s poll numbers suggest he’s set to win the election by the largest margin since Koch in 1985.