The latest music hack from the endlessly creative Paul Lamere is “Dogstep,” a web app that takes any song and adds musically appropriate canine accompaniment. How appropriate? Listen to Dogstep’s version of “Seven Nation Army.”

If you’re interested in the nuts and bolts, Lamere has a helpful blog post explaining how it’s done. Here’s an excerpt:

To create realistic and varying barking, I created a barking state machine, where each state in the machine represents the barking activity for a bar in the song and each state has a set of transitions to other states in the machine governed by a probability that that transition will be taken.  When a song is playing, I use the state machine to pick the state for the currently playing bar and emit the barking audio at the right times within the bar.

As evidenced by the White Stripes tune, there’s something happening allowing the dogs to follow melody, too. It’s really fun. I uploaded “Black Skinhead.”