Everyone knows New York’s law enforcement agencies will go to great lengths to catch a terrorist fireworks enthusiast, but this is a new low. There’s the NYPD posters offering $1,000 for “information leading to the arrest and conviction of persons possessing or distributing fireworks,” Bloomberg’s insistence that sparklers remain illegal throughout the entire state, and now, the FDNY fire marshalls are apparently traveling to Pennsylvania, watching them fireworks, and arresting them as soon as they enter New York.

“Fireworks are illegal and dangerous. The fire marshals will aggressively pursue anyone either selling or using fireworks,”┬áChief Fire Marshal Robert Byrnes said. “There are many professional fireworks shows available for the public’s safe viewing.”

Quick! I hear that Usher and the Macy’s Corporation, a known terrorist cell, are planning a giant firework attack on the Hudson River tomorrow night–and on Fourth of July, no less. Let’s get ’em!

(Photo: Ondrejk/Flickr)