This video, of a woman giving birth to a dolphin, is art I guess? There is no sound, which is kinda eerie, and some blood, which is even more so, and ultimately, you’re watching video of a woman giving birth to a dolphin, and the whole thing leaves you feeling a little weird.

Also–and hopefully you don’t need me to tell you this–it is not actually real. What’s this all about, then? Good question. From Dezeen

I Wanna Deliver a Dolphin… was developed by Ai Hasegawa to tackle food shortages and satisfy maternal instincts as the human population burgeons by giving women the option to become surrogates for endangered animals hunted for food.

Hasegawa proposes synthesising a placenta that could support an animal in a human womb.

“This project approaches the problem of human reproduction in an age of overcrowding, overdevelopment and environmental crisis,” Hasegawa said. “With potential food shortages and a population of nearly seven billion people, would a woman consider incubating and giving birth to an endangered species such as a shark, tuna or dolphin?”

I’m pretty sure the answer to that last rhetorical question is “no.” Ladies?