Halloween at the Whitney Museum

11.01.13 Marina Galperina

Last night, the Whitney Museum of American Art hosted an artist reception for their new Rituals of Rented Islandexhibit and people were encouraged to dress in costume. So there we were. On Halloween. At the Whitney. There was some stellar art-themed cos-play. Some people dressed up as the Theodora Skippitares piece in front of the Theodora Skippitares piece. There was a fine Edward Hopper, two Yayoi Kusamas and two Lichtensteins, and my favorite — the above masterpiece of Gagosian and Mary Boone having at it. My god, it’s like the most insular meta borderline porn parody!

The exhibit is incredibly solid, by the way — radical period of 1970s Manhattan performance art with Jack Smith, Kipper Kids and Jared Bark and more. See it without the clowns, but more on that later. (Photos: Marina Galperina/ANIMALNewYork)