A new lawsuit points to a nightmare scenario at Kings County Hospital Center in East Flatbush. According to veteran employee Lili Hutchison, lab workers at the hospital botched testing paperwork, leading to healthy people being told they were HIV positive, and people with Hepatitis C being told that they didn’t have it. Hutchison also alleges the hospital hired “incompetent and unqualified lab staff,” DNAinfo writes.

The claims emerged as part of a lawsuit Hutchison is filing against the hospital, alleging that she was harassed, threatened, and denied promotions due to her repeated attempts to alert higher-ups and city officials to the gross misconducts happening at Kings County. DNAinfo has a good rundown of  the lawsuit’s specifics.

“We believe that, because Lili has spoken out about matters impacting the health and safety of the public, that she has been subjected to a steady stream of retaliation and harassment,” attorney Thomas A. Ricotta said.

“We intend to pursue all of her rights and remedies to the fullest extent permissible under the law, as no hospital or health care provider should take action to punish employees who seek to protect the public.”

(Photo: Wikipedia)