These Images Were Censored From China’s Sina Weibo

11.15.13 Kyle Petreycik

China’s Weibo works a lot like Twitter carrying with it a familiar 140-character limit, but because in Chinese a single character could represents an entire word, this allows for longer posts on the social network, each containing a far greater amount of information — with more of it prone to being potentially censored from the network.

The bulk of these censored posts are images depicting political speeches and long texts (“Long Weibo 长微博”), as well as images themed around protests, scandals and censorship itself. During a two-week window this past summer, Pro Republica collected 527 of these deleted images, which provide a brief glimpse into China’s vast system of censorship as well as that system’s insecurities.

See the full collection here.

(Images: Pro Republica)