At 2:59PM, I received an email that said: “Invader was arrested last night on the Lower East Side. I have his information and work in the LES. If interested contact me and we can discuss further.” I of course emailed the person right back and got no responses.

And now The Lo-Down is reporting that’s exactly what happened to the anonymous street artist–who is in town–when he (and his team) was caught by cops putting up a mosaic tile resembling Princess Peach, a character from the Super Marios Bros. series, on a building in the LES:

The French street artist, Space Invader, has been making his mark on the Lower East Side in the past few days.  This afternoon we’re hearing he was arrested overnight while putting the finishing touches on a new piece in the neighborhood. Property owner Mark Miller, who owns 90 Orchard Street and operates an art gallery in the building, said police called him this morning with the news that they’d picked up Space Invader and his crew as they were installing this mosaic piece above the Ernest Sewn clothing shop at the intersection of Orchard and Broome streets.  Police said the mysterious artist had been taken into custody.

I contacted DCPI, the NYPD’s press division and am awaiting confirmation. In 2011, Invader was supposedly arrested while installing his work in Los Angeles, but apparently the police let him go while they were investigating.

UPDATE (7:30PM): I was able to reach Mark Miller on the phone this evening. “No, I’m not going to press charges,” he said.

Miller says the police called him and told him that “we caught someone putting something on your building.” He wasn’t sure what to expect. “I had no idea at all,” he says. “They wanted to know if I gave him permission.” He answered honestly, “no.”

As first reported by The Lo-Down, Miller removed the mosaic from his building without destroying it or the brick, which is by no means an easy feat or advisable. “I’m not going to sell it,” he said. “I’m going to hold on to it and cherish it.”

(Photo: Mark Miller/The Lo-Down)