James Franco and Seth Rogen loved Kanye West’s delightfully bizarre “Bound 2” music video so much, they sweded their own version. Perhaps, “sweded” isn’t the right word… They remade the Nick Knight-directed spectacle shot-by-shot — complete with everything from horses running in slow motion to Franco humping Rogen on a motorcycle — in less than a week! And, the Franco/Rogen version upgraded Kanye’s KTM to a Ducati.  It’s slightly off by a frame here and there, but we’re perfectionists, so here’s a slight edit of “Bound 3” put side by side the original “Bound 2” for your viewing pleasure.

UPDATE: YouTube removed the video. Good thing we had a backup on Vimeo.
UPDATE 2: And we’re back on YouTube, at way past a million hits! (Edit: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)