As if Jay Z‘s new song “Picasso Baby” from the upcoming album Magna Carta Holy Grail wasn’t already art enough, the rapper has decided to perform the song at the Pace Gallery — for six hours without stopping. Pace Gallery is “a leading contemporary art gallery representing more than 70 artists and estates, with galleries in New York, London, and Beijing,” a perfect place for the Hov to go from a performing artist to a performance artist.

Before you make any assumptions, think for a moment about if any of this sounds at all familiar to you. The National performed their song “Sorrow” for six hours in a row just a few months ago at MoMA’s PS1. That being said, the idea of performance art and endurance is not a new one by any means, just ask Marina Abromavich.

He’s also shooting a music video being directed by Mark Romanek (“99 Problems”). It’s somehow very appropriate for a notable rapper to be performing inside an art gallery that’s usually crammed full of objects that not everyone can rightfully afford. Now someone get this man a Picasso!

Now, some great Vines from Complex art and design editor Cedar Pasori, who’s been killing it.

(Image: Instagram)