Justin Bieber Does Illegal “Graffiti” While His Body Guards Keep a Lookout

11.06.13 Marina Galperina

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber was caught using spray paint to doodle faces on a hotel wall in São Conrado, Brazil. He also used spray paint to write “Bielibers 4 life” and “respect privacy” in plain view of local news photographers.

Then, his body guards allegedly physically assaulted the photographers for taking photos while Bieber shouted “suck my dick” at them.

The 19-year-old left his rented beachside mansion for a 3am walk. He may now face arrest, as what he did is considered vandalism and, in Brazil, is punishable by a jail sentence between three to twelve months. The police officers that failed to arrest the star are also under investigation.

He’s been hanging out too much with another perpetual adolescent who is under the assumption that using spray paint — while heavily protected by body guards, fame and money, in front of paparazzi or on his celebrity Instagram account — is somehow rebellious or “graffiti.”

Feel free to aid Brazilian police with any details here.