Kanye West Gives Kim a Hand-Painted George Condo “Poor Bag LOL”

12.27.13 Marina Galperina

A few hours ago, Kim Kardashian posted a “#HandPaintedGeorgeCondo #HermesBirkin #OneofOne #ChristmasPresentFromYeezy” on Instagram. The 26,229+ commenters are overwhelmingly horrified. For context:

No respect at all. I mean who gives the mother of their child something so hideous?? I read that the artist that painted this did Kanye’s album covers.

American visual artist George Condo’s paintings are priced at more than a million dollars and despite three decades of art world fame — and opening for Basquiat’s band Gray with his band The Girls, back in the day — it was Condo’s series for Kanye’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” album that pegged him to today’s mainstream pop culture. Consumers of pop culture seem to find his style is rather grotesque. Some critique:

Poor bag lol
Then why it’s promoting sex
DISGUSTING! Such poor tast
Your sisters are laughing at you…
Lmao huh like niggga you paint this shit yo self
A gorgeous bag, totally destroyed by the ugliest painting I’ve ever seen. #why
Lmfaoooo OMG WHY
Demon faces! Stupid bag
This hurts my soul. This is not romance.
Is that shrek

There has been a small amount of positive feedback:

I love lesbian titties and bags
It’s original and thoughtful. That is just so sweet.
Well lets say its a little different!!!

As well as this, naturally:

Illuminati again –‘

Some see the reality’s star worsened by exposure to contemporary art — even though it’s attached to accessories, a little bit of $80,000 sugar to help the contemporary art go down.

when do you ever do you. It is all about Kanye this Kanye that. Where is Kim this Kim that in Kanye’s world. Ever since u met him u changed almost everything about your self. It is really a pitty. But who am i to judge. #imisstheoldKimKardashian

Poor Kanye. He came here, he opens up a motherfucking mountain… and the internet is tryin’ to tell him how to give Kim his art. Or how to hump Kim while riding a motorcycle in front of a green screen. Here’s one fan who’s got the gist of it:

Roman and Greek art. History type of shit. Looks ain’t all that blinded fucks! Kanye is a genius just depends if kim really sees it as art! Haters worry about something else not a fuckin bag that has nothing to do with your life. #cuteforyourass

Poor Kanye lol.