Katz’s “Deli-Inspired” Art Gallery and Pop-up Shop

10.17.13 Kyle Petreycik

Earlier this month Katz’s Delicatessen announced that it would be opening up an art gallery and pop-up shop in the space next door, which it recently acquired. Today the iconic Houston Street Deli officially announced this month’s selection of artists that will be contributing their deli-inspired works to “The Space,” including Rich Tu, Baron Von Fancy, Kenzo Minami, HYP-INC, and Hanksy.

“Every month we will introduce a new rotation of talented artists and designers that will fill the location with deli-inspired pieces,” Katz’s owner Jake Dell told Bowery Boogie earlier this month. “In this way, The Space will serve as a tribute not just to the restaurant’s past and present connection to the neighborhood, but to the people who continue to live, work, and create art in all its forms right here on the Lower East Side.”

The new gallery space will be opening on October 22nd.

(Image: Memphis Que)