Kinect-Powered Security Cameras Know When You’re Naughty, When You’re Nice

It was only a matter of time before the technology behind Microsoft’s Kinect 3D-sensing cameras was used for something this dubious. Kintense, developed Shahriar Nirjon, is intended to help hospital staff monitor potentially violent or aggressive patients. It uses Kinect to do so, recognizing individual people in its line of vision, then sending an alert when it appears that any person is punching, kicking, or otherwise acting erratically.

This technology, of course, could be pretty easily to ordinary, non-hospital surveillance cameras as well. According to New Scientistit doesn’t even require that subjects be facing the camera, as Kinect usually does, and has been demonstrated to work with up to 90% accuracy. Kintense’s creators are hoping to train it to recognize verbal aggression as well.