Listen In” is a weekly feature in which we ask musicians to curate a mixtape-length YouTube playlist of songs they’re currently digging.

On record, Yvette can sound almost mechanical. The rhythms are stiff and unsyncopated, the guitar screeches like metal on metal, and Noah Kardos-Fein’s voice hovers above it all calmly, oblivious to or disinterested in the chaos. Live, however, they’re anything but: at 285 Kent Friday, it was hard not to connect with the band, especially drummer Dale Eisinger, who looked like he’d finished a marathon by the end of their set. Those lockstep rhythms, it turns out, are very difficult to pull off.

The band’s “Listen In” playlist, compiled by Kardos-Fein, reflects that machine/human duality, with warm psych-rock from the likes of Todd Rundgren and Aphrodite’s Child butting up against synth drones and throbbing industrial music. In an email to ANIMAL, Kardos-Fein says he chose music that he’s “been listening to a lot lately and that generally seem to be pushing music in interesting directions.”

Yvette’s Process is available now from Godmode.

“God Save the Queen,” Robert Fripp, 1979

“Detached,” Material, 1980

“Bogoditus,” Alan Watts, 2013

“Le Feel Internacìonále,” Todd Rundgren, 1973

“Cross Your Legs,” Ambitious Lovers, 1984

“Slow,” Monoton, 1979

“V2,” Carter Tutti Void, 2012

“Gaurila,” Circle, 2007

“rpr,” Neptune, 2012

“Science for a better Life,” Diamond Version, 2012

“Generator 1,” Keith Fullterton Whitman, 2009

“Sagittarian Domain,” Oren Ambarchi, 2012

“Signal,” Phew, 1981

“Lying,” Factory Floor, 2010

“The Four Horsemen,” Aphrodite’s Child, 1972