Little Girls Turn Beastie Boys’ “Girls” Into a Feminist Anthem in Toy Ad

11.19.13 Marina Galperina

“Pink and pretty it’s GIRLS just like the 50’s it’s GIRLS” sings a tiny chorus in this Rube Goldberg long-form commercial. Sure, it’s a bit saccharine, but “you always get us pink TOYS everything else is for BOYS and we would like to use our BRAINS” is so refreshing. There’s apparently an entire line of Goldie Blox-Toys “for future engineers” with a cartoon girl on the packaging (GASP!) that encourages non-cartoon girls to want to buy things other than dolls.

Some of the line in this Beastie Boys “cover” are so textbook — girls can grow up to be women who “code the new App” and “build the spaceship” you know!  — that it makes forcefully gender-normative toys look even more outmoded.

Thanks for listening to our consumer needs. Ad jingles as revolutionary songs. Alright, we’ll take that.