Female nude yoga enthusiasts finally, finally have a home in Chelsea, as the studio formerly known as Le Male Yoga opens its doors to women (it will now go by Bold & Naked Yoga). Classes will be broken down to all-men and all-women, and seniors are invited to take part in a 55-and-up class as well.

Why women, why now? “We’re all curious, we want to connect, female and male,” owner Joschi Schwarz told DNAinfo

And why naked? It’s definitely, definitely not about a sex. “I know sexuality is always in peoples’ minds and I have a feeling that a lot of people don’t know that yoga has nothing to do with sex at all — it has to do with sensuality, there’s nothing wrong with that,” says Schwarz, elaborating on a guideline found on the studio’s website: “If you are looking for an orgasm, you are in the wrong place.”